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 Revised and Updated 2009 October 21:

NOTE:  I have returned from my 8 week - 12970 km trip to Vancouver Island. Wow what a trip - and my 90 EJ22 engine performed perfectly through all the passes in the mountains.

 This web site may be of interest to those considering doing a Subaru 2.2 Liter (EJ22) conversion into a 1983-1991 VW Vanagon or Westfalia.

Tom Shiels and myself (Laurence Smith) located in Ontario, Canada are quite simply addicted to fooling around with Vanagons.  So we've developed this site to spread the word about our compulsive behaviour, particularly the Subaru 2.2 conversion.

SubaruVanagon.com is evolving slowly.  In fact this internet name is actually a "place holder" for the Yahoo discussion group of the same name.  Once that group outgrows Yahoo we will be passing the URL to the organizers.  Please visit and join the Yahoo Group.  Approximately 5340 members provide a huge resource pool for the Subaru-Vanagon conversion.

At this site we will continue to make improvements and additions.  Usually these will come in spurts of effort as we get around to cranking up good old FrontPage to author the content.

NOTE:  This site is split into two main areas:

Conversion Services We Can Provide:

This link takes you to a list of the conversion services that we offer.

Information re our Conversions:

This link takes you to a page where you can select either Laurence's or Tom's conversion information.

If you have any suggestions or comments, PLEASE let us know via the email address below.


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Burlington, Ontario,


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