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Updated 2009 December 12

NOTE: The prices quoted on these pages are subject to change without notice. In particular the quoted USD price is based on a current exchange rate which is fluctuating every day - USD prices will be confirmed when ordering.

Second hand -Subaru Engine Parts:

We have quite a large selection of Subaru engine parts available - mainly for 90 to 94 EJ22s - but we do have EG33 parts also:

-    MAFM, Igniters, Alternators, ECUs, Relays, IAC valves, and harnesses.

 E-mail for quote and check on availability.


Refer to Exhaust parts for details.


Wiring service - EJ20, EJ22, EJ25, & EG33:

We have a very good knowledge of the EJ22 (NA and Turbo), SVX-EG33, EJ25 and EJ20 twin turbo  wiring. We have either converted or repaired over 150 harnesses. As a result we are able to offer a number of wiring harness services:

bulletFor details please click   -  Wiring harness


bulletWe have a good selection of stock Subaru harnesses available for conversion. So if you don't have a harness or don't want to pull one from your donor vehicle let us know we may have one. This is also a good way to save the cost of shipping your harness to us.  At the moment we have a good selection of:        90 to 94 EJ22s and EG33s.


Air Intake Wedge Kit:

A number of people have been asking for this product - so please check it out  - Air Intake Wedge Kit

Cooling System Items:

The discussion and diagrams on Tom's Cooling System page  -  Cooling System - are based on a reversed cooling system header and a separate thermostat housing. Based on requests from many people we have arranged to provide the following:

Thermostat housing:

These fit both the EJ22 and EJ25 NA engines

bulletFor details please click  - Thermostat housing

-   Coolant Header:

There has been quite a demand for reversed headers to go along with the thermostat housing - so we have decided to offer them on exchange or will modify your header.

bulletFor details please click -  Reversed Coolant Header

Cooling System Kit:

The kit was new as of September 2005 and is made up from the above components

bulletFor details please click - Cooling System Kit

Exhaust System:

Stainless Steel Exhaust Components:

A number of people up here in the snow and salt belt have asked me to consider making up a Stainless Steel exhaust manifold as the carbon steel ones, even if ceramic coated or jet coated, are only lasting about two years. These SS products have proved very reliable and work well

bulletTo see what we came up with click - Exhaust System

Muffler support for KEP type engine support:

These supports are designed to be used with the KEP type engine supports.

bulletFor details please click  -  Muffler Support
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