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  Wiring Harness Service

Updated 2008 October 29

Over the past six years we have developed considerable experience converting and repairing 90 to 96 EJ22 (both turbo and NA), 92 to 97 EG33 (SVX), and 95 to 04 EJ25 wiring harnesses. As a result we are able to offer a number of different wiring harness services. Here is a short list of the key items:

- complete harness conversion for EJ22 90 to 96, EG33 92 to 97, and 95 to 04 EJ25 engines. In some cases we can provide the complete Subaru harness or do a harness swap if you are in a rush,

- EJ22 harness testing and repair - if you have run into wiring problems. We have repaired harnesses where a No start situation had occurred. In other cases we have either just completed a harness or extended it to place the ECU in a different location. Sample harness #2 below is one that was repaired and extended for under rear seat placement. This harness, ECU, MAFM, Igniter, and relays were all tested on our engine test stand before being shipped back to the owner,

- if you provide the engine interface connectors we can even make adaptors to convert EJ22 90/91 harnesses to run on 92-94 engines or visa versa. Alternatively, we could convert your harness from 90/91 to plug directly into 92-94 engine or visa versa.

- wiring advice and consulting.

There are a number of items to be considered when you start your harness conversion.

Here is a list of the features/options we can provide:

a) ECU mounting location:

bulletKEP suggested - behind passenger side tail light (not recommended).
bulletUnder Rear seat - per VW stock 86 and up - inside van out of the elements.
bulletUnder Westy rear cabinet.

b) Engine Connector location:

bulletStock Subaru location on passenger side (90 to 94 EJ22) in Vanagon.

Moved EJ22s to driver side in Vanagon (reversed engine harness) - makes for neat short harness.

c) Coolant Pressure Tank location:

bulletStock Vanagon location.
bulletOn passenger side of engine bay - keeps heater hose connections short.

d) VW connectors in the Vanagon Black Junction box:

bulletYou can cut yours from the harness in your vanagon and send them to us,
bulletOr we can supply a new round 7 pin connector (or the flat 2 pin connectors used on 83.5 to 84 Vnangons) with new pins and the flat single pin connectors as required

e) What Tachometer signal are you going to use:

bulletSubaru ECU tach signal will drive Vanagon tachs up to and including 1985. 1986 and up tach will not run off the Subaru ECU tach signal.
bulletWe can provide the "dual diode/triple diode" tach signal that works on most 1986 and up Vanagons. This does not apply to the later model Subarus where the Igniter and coil are one unit. for these you will need to either modify your tach or replace it with an earlier model.
bulletYou can modify your 86 and up tachometer to work off the ECU tach signal.

f) Do you want any special feature built in:

bulletWiring and connector for after market gauges?
bulletDo you want any wires extended to the VW Black Junction box (A/C, Test connectors, Tranny inputs to ECU, etc.)?

g) Do you want the EJ22 harness and/or any of your electronics tested on our engine test stand?

Here are pictures of some of our finished harnesses -


 Sample repaired harness,


 Repaired under rear seat harness,


 Our Typical Harness Conversion - for under rear seat ECU and Reversed engine harness

All of our harnesses include the following features:

- We use all soldered connections - each insulated with heat shrink tubing.

- We use either your VW connectors or we can provide new connectors and pins where required.

- Wires are shortened or lengthened to satisfy the harness configuration - including the shielded cables.

- Where necessary wires with cracked or broken insulation are repaired.

- All harnesses are 100% continuity tested using:

- our testing box (Wiring Test Box ) for EJ22s

- and manually for 95-97 EJ22s, EG33s and EJ25s.

This ensure consistent and accurate wiring.

- The harness is wrapped using split plastic wire protection.

- The entire harness is wrapped with vinyl electrical tape.

- All wires in the VW Black Box are label for easy installation.

- The harness is packaged with a copy of the wiring diagram, installation instructions and a copy of the original specification document.

NOTE:    We have developed a standard specification type document to capture your individual harness requirements and to provide a price quotation.  This document is also used to check and confirm the harness before shipping.

If this harness conversion is of interest, - just e-mail us and we will forward you the specification document for you to review, discuss and return to us.

Send your e-mail to: 


NOTE: Use these ideas at you own risk - no warranty or guarantee implied or included.  Tom

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